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Original Character Info Sheet: PETs

"The Repenting Pariah"

Name: Andrew Carlyle McCarran
Pronunciation: AN-droo Car-LILE Mc-Care-RAN
Nicknames: "Andy", "Sarge", "Ol' Hard-ass", "Paragon", "Bro" (But only by Renji)
Species: Animal Person, Arctic Wolf Type (A rare and illusive Wolf sub-species that is adapted to Arctic Climates)
Gender: Male
Age: 43 at first introduction
Birthday: January 9th (Capricorn)
City or town of birth: Whitefish, Montana, United States
Currently lives: Osaka Military base, Osaka, Japan
Relationship Status: Unmated and unmarried
Languages spoken: English, Japanese, some basic Latin
Native language: English
Blood Type: A-


Standard Form - 6' 9"
Animal Form - 5' 2" - Estimated (Currently has not Shifted)

Build type:
Thin and solid. Well toned body due to a number of highly disciplined PT (Physical Training) regimens.

Standard Form - Roughly 174 pounds
Animal Form - 264 pounds - Estimated (Currently has yet to Shift)

Hair color:
Standard Form - Pure White
Animal Form - Snow-White/Bleached Bone

Hairstyle: Flat but short
Eye Color:
Standard Form: Left eye is a hazel color while his right resembles a cool sky blue. Right Eye becomes inverted when he uses his ability.
Animal Form: Black sclera (white of the eye) with a red iris.

Tattoos:  One; on his right shoulder - A triangle as the foreground with a raptor (Avian) as the focus, wings and tail feathers outstretched over the triangle base all of which are black. This avian tattoo is a cover-up however because, Andrew had a "Marker" tattoo when he was a member of the Enclave. This "Marker" essentially consisted of a capitol "E" in the center of an open upside-down triangle.
Piercings: None
Scars/distinguishing marks: A few small peripheral scars and burns on his chest and arms but has a massive scar on his left shoulder. The scar is a momento from a gunfight that took place years ago. The shot almost took his arm off at the joint and he still has some lingering pain. His most notable feature is a breathing apparatus that covers his nose and mouth with a pair of hoses that connect together and then go to a small air filtration tank on the back of his neck. This apparatus allows his severely crippled lungs function properly by allowing him to breath in almost-pure Oxygen but he still retains his sense of smell. The breathing mask separates into two sections with the bottom portion (the part covering his mouth) being able to be removed with relative ease for bodily needs such as eating, drinking, or plain speech while the top-most portion has been semi-grafted into his skull and can only be removed by medical means. The system can become air-tight so breathing underwater is a peripheral bonus. Another distinguishing feature is that he has hands instead of paws, giving him a more human-like appearance.
Preferred style of clothing: Often short-sleeved shirts with vests and cargo-pants/cargo-shorts that are usually dyed in plain shades such as light tan, black, or navy blue. Has been know to wear a full set of combat armor, and even certain pieces of it in public. Will usually only wear a T-shirt while relaxing at home. Also wears a red beret in honor of a dearly departed friend.
Frequently worn jewelery: Military I.D. Tags (If it can be considered as such)


Smoker: No
Drinker: Occasional Drinker. Rarely drinks while on duty but often goes for wine and sake if available - has some stashed in his fridge. When off duty, he will drink on occasion or when the mood hits him and is quite social.
Drug User: No
Addictions: None
Allergies: None
Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: Severely damaged lungs - needs an Oxygen-rich mixture of air to breath or else he'll literally suffocate in a short amount of time. It is assumed that he cannot effectively shift due to the breathing apparatus but he hasn't bothered to try. Hopefully, he will be able to have it removed in a few years.
Any medication regularly taken: Occasionally takes pain medication for his left shoulder and also takes low-dosage anti-depressants.


Personality: On the outside, Andrew often puts up a literal "Lone-Wolf" facade but when one really gets to know him, he is a warm and caring individual if not a fairly serious one. He also has a sharp mind and has been known to be a very fast learner. In the past, Andrew had an extremely cold personality and cared only for his own survival after his family's collective passing but something brought him back from his despair, paving the way for the man he is today. It is to be noted that he is quite reluctant to open up about his life's sorrows or anything relating to his family and will harshly redirect the conversation to another topic.
Likes: Cold to sub-zero climates and temperatures, snow, blizzards, having his chin and ears scratched, and competitive target shooting.
Dislikes: Intense heat (summer), harm coming to those he cares about, plans falling apart, feeling useless or helpless.
Fears/phobias: Moderate case of Agoraphobia (fear of places or events where escape is impossible or when help is unavailable) due to his childhood, has a mild case of Pyrophobia (Fear of open/uncontained flames), and also suffers (or benefits) from an acute case of Paranoia.
Favorite color: Nearly any shade of blue
Hobbies: Model-building, photography, listening to music, target shooting, and even some poetry (Though he will never admit to it).
Taste in music: Broad in taste from the classic symphonies of olde to the neck-jarring chords of modern metal and rock but has a passionate distaste for Rap and most Hip-Hop. Has a real love for old American music spanning from the 1940s-1960s with artists like The Ink Spots, Guy Mitchell, Danny Kaye, and Eddy Arnold.


Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore (Or so he claims)
Favorite food(s): Corned Beef, fresh venison, breads, rice, chocolate, and most Italian and German foods. He also loves raw apples, cheeses, and anything mint flavored; especially mint ice cream.
Favorite drink(s): Wine, sake, milk, some sodas, and most fruit juices but is known to have a soft spot for exotic teas.
Disliked food: Most foods that are quite spicy and dislikes fast-food.
Disliked drinks: Cheap beers, most vodkas, and coffee. He really dislikes any beverage that is bitter in taste.


Describe the character's home: A small one-floor personal barracks - about one-and-a-half times the size of a standard living room. It does have some main amenities such as a fridge, radio/stereo, stove, sink and bed. Other articles of furniture such as a couch, chairs, a work desk and work-bench are also present. Basically, it is one large room with the only other sectioned off room being a washroom that has a stand-shower. Considered simple but is often thought of as being luxury for military standards. He has this personal abode because he is one of the base's on-site personnel.
Significant/special belongings: A small shield-shaped pendant that holds two photos; one of him and his deceased sister and another of him and his family together. The pendant is colored in lite blue with a splash of gold at the center and it once belonged to his mother. Another significant belonging is a multi-purpose combat knife that belonged to his father which is engraved with the phrase "Officio, fidei, virtutis: Parati semper"; which is latin for "Duty, honor, courage: Always prepared". He almost always has the knife clipped up-side down on his armor's torso plate or has it strapped on his right boot. Andrew has some of his old Enclave gear and a black-rimmed crimson Beret that used to belong to his partner back when he was an Operative.


Level of education: High School level and two years university experience at Tokyo University
Qualifications: Numerous - Military Drill/Training Sergeant
Current job title and description: Military Drill Instructor – Primary function: Train soldiers (Human and Hybrid) so they are fit and ready for service. Secondary functions are numerous, placing him as a "jack-of-all-trades" if the need arises for an extra hand.


Attitude: Relatively peaceful and diplomatic but will become brutally violent if the need arises. Usually gives a warning unless directly provoked.
Fighting skills/techniques: Military training and some mixed-martial arts
Special skills/magical powers/etc: Electro-Kinetic/Walking Dynamo: Has an innate ability to manipulate, inwardly store, and release electrical currents and impulses in lifeforms and the surrounding atmosphere (control over electricity). He can effectively project an arc of pure electricity to a distance of about 45m and can influence one's bio-electrical field at about 7 meters. He also is known to be VERY perceptive - almost to the point of a sixth sense allowing him to pick up on very subtle details and weaknesses that normal people wouldn't spot (Also able to detect people watching him from a hidden position for example but can't read minds).
Weapon(s) of choice: Hold-out pistol (Personal Beretta Px4 Storm Type F 9mm pistol), combat knife if necessary. He rarely resorts to hand-to-hand combat but will use his abilities in conjunction with physical strikes to maximize effectiveness.
Weaknesses in combat: Below-average stamina due to weakened lung function, breathing apparatus can be a target, noticeably less flexible than most, though rare he may lose control when confronted and go all out. (Led to the nickname 'Merciless McCarran')
Strengths in combat: Abnormally high perception, well-honed reflexes, high pain threshold, above-average strength, and agility.


Parents names: Karl Bradley McCarran and Miranda Stiener McCarran
Are parents alive or dead? Both are deceased
Siblings? Relationship with siblings? One deceased younger sister named Eva
Other Important Relatives: Cameron Jehovah McCarran (Biological Grandfather - Current McCarran Clan Leader)
Partner/Spouse: Rei Nakamura - PET and assistant (Andrew often treats Rei like a daughter rather than a PET)
Best Friend(s): Renji Abari (he's more like a little brother to him, similar to Grimmjow and Ichigo's relationship)
Kasumi Vega (The two share a very close relationship and have considered on getting married)
Acquaintances: Kurosaki Ichigo, Kuchki Byakuya


Back Story: Born into a then recently immigrated family from the States, Andrew had a relatively quiet childhood with his mother, father, and younger sister Eva. Unfortunately when he was 11 years old, his family's home caught fire leaving him and his sister as the only survivors with both of them suffering from heavy smoke inhalation. Neither of them recovered well and his sister slipped away about a week after the incident, leaving him as the last member of his family to live on. To be able to continue his life in a semi-normal fashion, Andrew was given a Mk. I rebreather so that he wouldn't be restricted by clunky O2 tanks. He was then released into foster care some time later and wound up in an orphanage until the age of 18 where he went to attend college at Kyoto University. After two years, he dropped out and went drifting from job to job around Kyoto, Karakura and Osaka in an attempt to pay back the debts he owed. For a few years, he performed numerous odd jobs for shifty individuals, including the Yakuza although he wasn't totally aware of it until after the fact. It is rumored that later on, he was approached and worked as an assassin for a shady Underground organization known only as the "Enclave". During his short career as an agent, he intentionally failed two consecutive assassination attempts on a prestigious Osaka business owner. Rumors aside, Andrew eventually found his way to Osaka's PET Base for training when he was in his early thirties and while he did this, he met - and became well acquainted with - Renji Abari (who was only in his late teens at the time) and the two really hit off a close friendly relationship. However due to personal regrets and a new outlook on life, Andrew suddenly resigned from training and left to join the military where he made quite a name from himself. During his early career, he easily attained the rank of Staff Sergeant but was often approached for promotions due to his efficiency and stellar performances.  Having no wish to work at a desk for the remainder of his military career, Andrew turned down almost all promotions. Today, he still holds the rank of Staff Sergeant and currently oversees the training and maintenance of E or "Easy" Platoon of the 5th Division of the Home Defense Force.

Although he lives in such modest conditions, he is - for lack of a better term - LOADED. (He currently has over 30,000,000 Yen to his name. Roughly amounts to 2,590,000 in US Dollars)

This considered, he rarely uses his fortune for anything aside from the basic necissities he needs to survive. However since Rei entered the picture, he has been letting his purse-strings slip a little as of late.

Renji and Andy have a deeply-rooted friendship that goes way back to when the two of them were training to become Bodyguard-class PETs. Andy always looked after Renji as though he were a little brother and would defend the younger Chimera-man by whatever means necessary.
Ok, so this should help you guys understand just who this guy is.
Bleach - Tite Kubo
PETs - Asagi K Kurosaki and TyrackWolfII

Picture graciously made by Mama Tyrack and again, I'm in your debt. :3

Please note that in the portrait, the eyes are swapped.

::EDIT - 1/21/11::
Changed some info around and fixed some minor holes.

::EDIT - 1/28/11::
Specified the type of enjoyed music, added some other specifics on his living space and personal possessions.

::EDIT - 2/1/11::
Specified residence and place of birth. Added description of armor as a personal possession.

::EDIT - 2/14/11::
Specified tattoo details and added more details about eye color under duress and certain circumstances. Added some other misc. details.

::EDIT - 2/18/11::
Added in the info about Rei Nakamura (~WolfiiLuvsEvil's OC) being his PET, bodyguard and assistant.

::EDIT - 7/25/11::
Profile given a much-needed overhaul for clarity.
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